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Vegetable Dishes

Salad with avocado and spinach: 2 good recipes

The salads with the avocado are amazing. Especially delicious are combinations of avocado, spinach, cherry tomatoes. And also with orange, pineapple, mango… To give the salad with avocado and spinach a bright, unusual flavor can be used spices with ginger, chili pepper, olive oil and lime. Such a light and vitamin salad is perfect for …

Vegetable Dishes

Нow to cook zucchini and squash in the oven

I want to share with you a simple, useful and delicious recipe for zucchini and squash baked in the oven. Tender zucchini and squash sticks are obtained in aromatic baked cheese. For the cooking of such snack sticks are excellent young zucchini, they do not need to be cleaned from the peel. Serve baked vegetables …