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Avocado berry smoothie: recipes you ‘ll like

The popularity of avocado worldwide is constantly growing, thanks to the beneficial properties of this fetus. It contains useful vegetable fats, vitamins, trace elements. If avocado is attached to your diet, bowel performance is improved, body weight is normalized, immunity is increased, toxins are removed more quickly, the body is rejuvenated. Avocado is a great …


How to make a mango banana smoothie?

Hi! I want to share with you a super easy recipe for mango banana smoothie. Not even one, but a few wonderful recipes! Juicy smoothie of banana and mango is suitable for any time of the year, it is enough only to make small changes to the composition of the drink. So, adding and grinding …


5 raw vegan smoothies to breakfast

We chose the 5 most delicious recipes raw vegan smoothies for your morning. Here they: 1. Smoothie “Apple pie” Ingredients: • 1/2 cups of water • 1/2 cup apple juice • 1 tablespoon walnuts • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon • A little vanillin or seed vanilla pod • Pinch of ground nutmeg • 1/2 cucumbers …