Recipes of night time smoothie for weight loss

There is a great choice of diet smoothies. There are among them excellent night time smoothie recipes for weight loss.

Instead of one dense dinner, divide it into 2 parts. 5 hours before bedtime, have an easy dinner, and 2 hours before bedtime, so as not to go to bed on a hungry stomach, make yourself a nutritious diet smoothie according to one of the proposed recipes in this article.

Almost all “green” smoothies have a fat-burning and cleaning effect – with kiwi, avocado, spinach, cabbage, apple, etc. But this does not mean that you need to limit yourself to green fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, it is useful to make mixes with other dietary products.

5 recipes of night time smoothie for weight loss

Recipe #1.


  • 1/3 glass of water;
  • 1 tsp. grated ginger root;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • 3-4 branches of parsley;
  • half of a lemon.

How to make a smoothie?

Wash and cut the cucumbers in circles, then cut the parsley.

Grate ginger.

Slice the lemon together with the rind.

Put all components in the blender. Pour water. And mix to homogeneity for 2 minutes.

If you wish, you can add some honey.

Recipe #2.


  • 2 kiwis;
  • 1 apple;
  • 100 ml of green tea;
  • juice of 1/4 lemon.

Slice kiwis and apple into pieces, add brewed green tea, lemon juice, and beat with a blender.

Recipe #3.


  • 1 ripe avocado;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • 1 small lemon;
  • 1 bunch of parsley;
  • 1 tablespoon flax seeds;
  • 1 glass of mineral non-carbonated water.


Peel the avocado from the rind, take out the bone and slice the flesh.

Cucumber cut in circles.

Peel the lemon and cut it into slices.

Cut the parsley not very finely with a knife.

Combine all this in a bowl of a blender, add the flax seeds and pour mineral water. Beat to homogeneity at high speed.

Recipe #4.


  • 1 banana;
  • two bundles of spinach;
  • 100 g strawberries;
  • grated ginger at the tip of a teaspoon;
  • half a glass of mineral non-carbonated water (about 125 ml).

Put all the ingredients in a blender bowl and mix in a homogeneous cocktail.

Recipe #5.


    • bundle of spinach leaves;
    • 5 mint leaves;
    • 1 orange;
    • 1 apple;
    • 1 kiwi.

Making smoothie:

Wash the spinach leaves.

Squeeze the fresh from the orange.

Peel the apple and kiwi.

Put an apple, kiwi and greens in the blender.

Fill in with juice. Beat to a uniform consistency.

Try these recipes of night time smoothie for weight loss. It’s easy, delicious, good for figure and digestion.

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